an evil doctor with two identical twin boys. Horror image, creepy, ultrarealistic, chilling atmosphere, 8k

photography, realistic, fullbody, star head woman and star head man, dark, chaos, hospital

cinematic horror grotesque monster in deep woods looking at camera with evil stare

the most terrifying photo ever taken

Two Japanese-style ghosts, scary faces, eerie, crazy, live action, full-length portrait, village, blurry background, ashy background

realistic horror monster Asian warrior woman, front view, creepy, evil, long tongue, monster teeth, dramatic light,

Facehugger , disfigured , horror , poster style , 1970 , surrealism , intense, creative , colour image , shot on Hasselblad X1D 50C, Hasselblad XCD 80mm f/ 1. 9, f/ 2. 8 – f/ 4, 1/ 125 – 1/ 250, ISO 100 – 400

bear trap , Disfigured , horror , movie poster style , 1970s , colour image , shot on Hasselblad X1D 50C, Hasselblad XCD 80mm f/ 1. 9, f/ 2. 8 – f/ 4, 1/ 125 – 1/ 250, ISO 100 – 400

creepy black monster peeking around a corner nightmare horror


one of those creepy and threatening characters, with a wide open mouth, bold lettering, anton semenov, monochromatic white figures, worthington whittredge, etam cru, found footage

a face with eyes and mouth sewn shut, horror, 2d illustration, isolation, 90s

detailed environmental color portrait photograph of jason voorhees, holding machete, dark and moody, cinematic, dramatic lighting, high contrast, photorealistic, shot with a Sony a7S Ill with Sony FE 50mm f/1.4 ZA lens

In a corner of the underground parking lot, stands a female ghost wearing a red dress. Disheveled black hair obscures her face, and there are bloodstains on the dress

A terrifying ghost woman with long black wet hair staring out from the bathroom mirror, red tears leaking down her glowing red eyes.

80s dvd horror screengrab film still, found footage of horrific convex curving inward bacon-face, bacon-man, caught on camera, horrific convex curving inward face, funny, chaotic drunk party gone wrong chaos photo

a cinematic photo of jason voohees

hyper-realistic photo of Unclogging a sink or drain in the style of junji ito Return of the Living Dead III•2023 horror scene 50mm zeiss, morning hour, wide angle, tenebrism, ethereal

photography, realistic, fullbody, box head human(three people), huge mouth, smile, dark, chaos, hospital

side view of a scary humanoid monster crawling along the ground with large eyes and long sharp teeth. it has two long arms and long fingers with sharp claws, and its lower body is made of smoke. moody lighting, creature design, monster design, inspired by hr giger, photorealistic, ultra realistic, detailed, 8k

Create an image of a haunting and terrifying mystical creature at night in a forrest with rain

lake labynkyr devil, massive water creature, colossal shadow underwater

cinematic scene from Ghostbusters, directed by David Fincher, featuring the character Slimer but with an all black body and head

giant octopus coming towards the diver from the depths of the sea, ultra realistic, Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Lens, 4k

a demonic fish with a light bar for eyes, location is deep under water

full shot photo of aquatic anthropomorphic creepy monster under water, dark background

photoreal image of a colossal, Painted using air perspective,underwater creature that resembles a moray. Very similar to eels and lampreys. Its scales should have a texture that looks ancient and weathered, whitish skin,and it should emit a soft, eerie glow from its eyes and along the ridges of its back. The scene is deep underwater, with a dark blue, almost black color palette. Peering angle from the side. The creature is so large that it dwarfs everything else in the ocean.

monsters, the fangs and teeth, full body, in the style of unreal engine 5, drips and splatters, hauntingly beautiful narratives, animated gifs, hyper-realistic oil, voidcore, supernatural creatures

Faceless humanoid creature, many eyes on the head, smile, dark background, horror style, hd , q2,

realism,underwater, silhouette,, horror, in te dark, An artificial intelligence robot swimming towards an unknown creature.

an undiscovered, terrifying sea creature stalking a deep sea diver. The creature is barely visible. Realistic.

Under water scene Hyper realistic very distant view The a monster that looks like a hybrid of a mariana trench being and a sea dragon massive body descends into the dark depths, surrounded by swirling currents and ominous shadows. As it sinks, the creature’s expression reflects pain and shock, with visible signs of the impact from a heavy punch. The early morning light fades into darkness, casting eerie illumination on the scene, capturing the solemn moment as the hybrid sea monster descends into the abyss of the ocean

A photograph of a cryptid hiding in the shadows of a decrepit, haunted forest, its eyes glowing with a hunger that pierces the soul. Its limbs are twisted and unnatural, moving in ways that defy logic and sanity. The haunted forest is alive with the whispers of the damned, and the cryptid seems to feed off the fear it generates. Created Using: unnatural limb movement, decrepit haunted forest setting, soul-piercing eye glow, logic-defying posture, fear-inducing presence, atmospheric dread, whispers of the damned audio effect, horror maximization, X prompt, hd quality, natural look

chthonic creature in swamp by dark and foggy night

A large mounth bass appears out from a dark, smoky background. Its eyes are the focus of the image, and its face fills the upper half. The fishes’s nose and mouth are visible, as are its body. The rest of the image is a black void

A creature with red glowing eyes emerging from the foggy depths of the ocean.

a movie about a horrifying monster in a house, sharp focus

a liminalcore scene, front view of hunchback monster in strange hangar, vintage 16mm camera, 70s and 80s retro vibe, atmospheres of John Carpenter, cinematic still, documentary photography, Dutch angle shot, unconventional framing, enigmatic, bizarre world, spacecore, weirdcore, liminalspace, dystopian vibe of terry gilliam, high-quality image, alien landscapes, strange phenomenon, natural beauty

A mysterious shadowy monster in a dark tunnel at night, illuminated by flashlight, in the style of 80s Found Footage

a kind smile

witch, old woman, eyes red, terrifying, darkness, ultra realistic, 4K,

apanese old-age, grandmother,gray hair, ramdom hair-style, so rich, solo, ultra high quality

oil painting portrait of a dark-skinned old shaman lady with golden eyes, in the style of Rembrandt

elderly lady], in the style of lovecraftian, captivating documentary photos, happiness surrealism, selective coloring

Cinematic scene, a man has fish eyes as he transforms into a fish monster, gritty realism, David Fincher, motivated lighting

Horror image of the ghost of an old Asian woman holding a cane and smiling a scary smile

A haunting full body portrayal of a male kid with distorted features, inside a dark cave, attack posture. It looks like skin-walker, its skin is white, face hollow with deep, dark eye sockets. It has an uncanny face show a creepy smile, looking towards the camera. The creature’s sinewy texture is highlighted by a dim light source. Created Using: Macabre aesthetic, sinister expression, emphasis on stretched skin, grotesque proportions, low-key lighting, hd quality, natural look

subtly absurd and hilarious photo

weird things with scary uncanny faces. in the style of inhuman

portret xoloitzcuintle by hans bellmer and oskar schlemmer

a creature made of draped marble who’s head is a hey hole, holding a key in his hands, movie still from schism music video by the tools and Chris Cunningham

the fbi was working on a post about the film, in the style of disfigured forms, lit kid, cinestill 50d, ai yazawa, vhs, close up, peter lippmann


Geryon Monster with Three Heads and Bodies, dark room, reality, full shot

undead ghoul with claws in old catacomb,

a nightwalker demon. Sony Alpha 1, 50mm

lv42 alien jurrassic park



a mad derpy yet endearing young amphibian named Sisyphean, who has a roaring tormented soul, big perfect baby blue eyes, look of primal hunger, just wants to fit in, unreal 5

photo of elephant troll. Retro vibes.


tilt shift realistic full body portrait of a troll in her environment,

beautiful snow leopard energy field snow minimalistic yet majestic art composition

cheetah by tim flach african plains in backround photo realistic closeup

an incredible closeup of a deer laying in a field, in the style of filip hodas, candid celebrity shots, david mould, salvator rosa, realist-portraits, supernatural creatures, photo

a hairy horse and beaver

a really unhappy pig

a white wolf on a rock, in the style of Laurent Baheux, hyperrealism and photorealism, violent, Tim Flach, Nathan Wirth, dynamic and exaggerated facial expressions, hd mod

giraffe, full body, dramatic lighting, photograph, hyperrealistic, volumetric lights

Capybara fantasy style

A white Highland Cow in the snow portrait, a blurry background of snowfall, and towering mountains, shot on Canon 70mm,

neuron beauty the female dog, in the style of futuristic fantasy, monochromatic white figures, daz3d, northern renaissance, matte photo, dark white and light azure

Photo realistic North American elk drinking water by a river with other elks, in its natural element, looking at the photographer photorealistic, high quality

static pattern illusion drawn on bison, background is solid white snowy field, by victor vasarely

cheetah, fantasy, high resolution, 8K, hyper detailed

giraffes but brown and white stripes, fantasy creature, on medow, brushed art style

A photorealistic and imposing creature, blending the features of an adult male buck and a mountain lion. It should have the majestic antlers and sturdy build of a buck, merged seamlessly with the powerful, muscular body and fierce face of a mountain lion. The setting is a dense, wild snow covered hardwood forest

photo; creepy deer-devil

a dog looking out of behind a wall, in the style of mesmerizing optical illusions, heatwave, islamic art and architecture, old memecore, exaggerated facial features, modular, i can’t believe how beautiful this is

pure white male fox with crimson red eyes, broad head, Inspired by kitsune from japanese folklore, anime, drawn

hyper-realistic photo of Swedish forest in wintertime, one birch tree green and lush as in summer. A moose is looking at the birch tree with surprised look.

color photo an animal by jason ludwig, in the style of rustic realism, anne mccaffrey, charles wysocki, dramatic light and shadow, solarization, ferdinand knab, mis

moose platypus hybrid offspring


a big horned deer with antlers is sitting on the ground, in the style of peter lippmann, distinct facial features, associated press photo, jerry pinkney, pentax 645n, furry art, cicely mary barker

puppet horse



a samurai made out of porcelain, in the style of balanced symmetry, white and blue, detailed facial features, organic forms, meticulous portraiture, complex patterns

a ceramic of a white, blue and gold woman, in the style of tattoo-inspired, detailed facial features, asian-inspired, extravagant, body art, dreamlike installations, close up

beautiful robotic geisha, model pose angle, sci-fi, white and rouge, realist detail, hard edge, blured background, depth of field, neural network, Humanoid, reflaction, masterpiece, perfect anatomy, cinematic angle, dramatic lights

a beautiful body of a girl with blue flowers and statues at her neck, in the style of hyperrealistic sculptures, dragon art, blue and white glaze, realistic and hyper-detailed renderings, twisted branches, exaggerated facial features, influenced by ancient chinese art

Prompt: hyper realistic close-up image of an ancient Ming dynasty humanoid robot made with intricately painted glossy porcelain, kodak portra 800, 105 mm f1. 8; different angles, traditional rice paper sliding doors background

a foot made out of japanise porcelain, in the style of balanced symmetry, white and red, detailed facial features, organic forms, meticulous portraiture, complex patterns

A white-haired fox, personified, dressed in Tang Chaoshi women’s clothes, standing under the plum tree like a fairy, real, high-definition, beautiful.

Front, facing the camera, medium shot, close-up, portrait photography,From a distance, under the white crystal dragon stands a Chinese beauty, 12 years old, positive, smiling, wearing white Hanfu, background floating white clouds, light white and light green, texture dream, grand scene, dynamic design, water fusion, design balance, master works, movie lighting, ultra high definition, fine detail, color level, 32K HD

Korean nine-tailed fox cosplay,

glossy gorgon, high tech haute couture, snakes tentacles spirals, organic alien texture, fashion photograph by Tim Walker

full body view of back animal senses view form down below fashion editorial surrealistic eere expresion photographed by leonora carrington in the style of rufino tamayo out of focus in different sppots

photo ritual handstitched mask designed style Hammershoi

portrait of an ominous gigantic alien monster, dramatic light, dark cave background

white and muscular human-like body grew out of single eyeball face rampage devil, Large machete-like bone protruding from the wrist to the end, grotesque creature, full body shot from front, standing on ground, looking at viewer, realistic oil painting in the style of michael hussar, broken school yard, at night, bloodstains

full scale view of an anthropomorphic massive door , Game of Thrones, the albino giant Hodor from Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn as the shape of a door, door with flat face and body of Hodor, editorial photography, furniturepunk, inventive character designs

A close-up scene showing 2-3 victims of the Black Death, focusing on the classic terminal symptoms. Illustrate the severity of their suffering with visible swollen lymph nodes, high fever evident through their pained expressions, headaches depicted by their hands clutching their heads, and the distinctive black spots on their skin. The setting should be minimal, emphasizing the physical details and symptoms of the disease on the victims’ bodies, conveying the tragic impact of the plague with a somber and respectful tone. Created Using: medical accuracy, detailed portrayal of symptoms, emotional depth, close-up views, minimal background, somber atmosphere, respectful depiction of suffering

realistic photography, cinematic horror still. An albino man with facial deformities, red colored eyes. Captured on a moment of anger and fury. Sensation of vibration, on a fortune teller shop, satanist objects

dermadramatis personae

misfortune teller cabinet puppet gritty beared foam puppter, photograph

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) Anonymous Four turtles and a rat are transformed into a humanized state by a mutagenetic gel in a sewer. The rat becomes their mentor, and teaches them all he knows regarding Jinjitsu. The turtles use their newfound skills to combat the crime in New York City. But when their mentor is captured by an enemy from the past, can they hold true to what they’ve learned, and stay together as a brotherhood? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) Four teenage mutant ninja turtles emerge from the shadows to protect New York City from a gang of criminal ninjas. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) Tom Zoerner <Tom.Zoerner@informatik.uni-erlangen.de> Through contact with a mysterious ooze, four turtles in the sewers of New York mutate into intelligent pizza-loving humanoids, and are mentored in the art of ninja combat by the wise rat Splinter.

a giant monster appears in a dumgeon. All is madr of playdough, tim burton’s stop motion style.

A dragon deity and a shrine torii. The dragon deity has a dignified and gentle face, smiling with its mouth closed. Its body is a deep yellow, and its whiskers are white. The torii is red and large. The background features the sea, with the torii towering above the water
A cute 2-year-old Chinese girl sits in the yard, with a cute face and a huge turtle standing behind her constantly spitting out smoke. The shell is as high as a house, with a positive light and a background of traditional Chinese architecture. Her whole body is full of dynamic energy